Halo Bamboo straws are hand made from the finest quality materials by expert artisans.

Once the bamboo stems are collected and sun-dried, our artisans cut and shape the bamboo poles into straws using skill and finesse. The beautiful, smooth appearance is due to this handicraft using no heavy machinery or chemicals. Our straws are hand-polished and naturally dried to ensure there are no sharp edges, making them child-friendly and lowering the risk breakage.

Just like bamboo, the perfect natural alternative to plastic, the packaging of this product is crucial. Once engraved, our bamboo straws will be packed in plastic-free, biodegradable materials.

Proud to be the leading eco-friendly bamboo straws supplier. Every bamboo drinking straw undergoes a sophisticated quality assurance process from the organic farm, through the manufacturing phases, until it finally reaches your hands.

Beautiful, high quality and handmade, Halo Bamboo straws are a zero-waste essential in your daily life.