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Our bamboo straws can be re-used for many times upon the frequency of use and care

For personal use, it lasts for years with proper care

Due to heavy use in the Food and Beverage sector, straws should be replaced after 3 – 6 months of use.

When you see your straws show natural signs of wear and tear, such as splitting or fraying at the ends, it’s time for a new replacement.

It’s super easy to clean and care for your bamboo straws:

Before first use

  •         Boil straws in salt water for 3 minutes

After every use

  •         Hand-wash in warm soapy water with cleaning brush provided or place in a dish-washer, then soak in hot water and let it dry fully.
  •         Note: if using dish-washer, ensure hot and dry function is turned off and instead air dry straws.
  •         Store in a cool, dry place


  • Soak straws in boiled vinegar water mix (ratio 1:20) for 10 minutes to disinfect

As a 100% organic product, bamboo straws are completely eco-friendly and good for the environment as they have biodegradable, re-usable, sustainable and totally zero-waste features.

Yes. Our products always demonstrate respect for the farmers and artisans who create them. Bamboo stalks are carefully hand-picked and strictly processed to meet Halo Bamboo’s required standards.

Yes, just make sure you turn off your hot and dry function and instead let them air dry naturally after the dishwashing cycle.

Halo Bamboo straws are hand made from the finest quality materials by expert artisans.

It is produced wild and is hand harvested when the shoots reach just the right size. Our artisans take responsibility for collecting the standard stalks, sun-drying, cutting, shaping, polishing, and making the straws.

Every bamboo drinking straw undergoes a sophisticated quality assurance process from the organic farm, through the manufacturing phases, until it finally reaches your hands.

The whole production phase is chemical-free. It’s entirely natural as all straws are disinfected completely and protected from pests by a sophisticated process of boiling, steaming and sun-drying prior to packing. Our commitment to safeguarding your health and the planet is demonstrated through our International Food Contact Testing  Certification.

Yes. Being made from bamboo these straws are easily decomposed. You can either put them in the bin or cut them into smaller pieces and spread in your compost garden.

You should keep bamboo straws in a clean, well ventilated, and dry place to avoid mould.

Yes, we provide a premier international delivery service to all of our beloved customers.