In a modern world where single-use plastic is in every household and office, the use of natural alternatives, such as bamboo, is imperative. Bamboo is plastic free, BPA-free, and biodegradable. Using bamboo handicrafts is one way you can help save Mother Earth from severe environmental issues related to plastic waste.

Vietnamese artisans, who make environmentally friendly products, have long been known for their great craftsmanship and attention to detail. They make use of local resources, including bamboo, to create beautiful handicrafts and products.

From the mountainous bamboo fields in Vietnam, the artisans spend hours collecting the standard stalks, cutting, shaping and polishing to create tiny bamboo drinking straws. It may sound simple to you, however, it takes significant effort and patience as the bamboo poles are hardy and prone to splintering during production.

Vietnamese artisans, living in mountainous and rural areas, often find it difficult to sustain their livelihoods through craftsmanship. Halo Bamboo is, therefore, working with them to develop organic and reusable bamboo straws. By promoting these straws to the world, we are directly supporting these communities and a zero waste world.