Halo Bamboo brings you the products that our artisans pour their heart and soul into. Our mission is to join hands with you to protect our environment through our handmade straws.

Our safe and quality bamboo straws are the ideal chemical-and-BPA-free alternative to single-use plastic straws. You can use them in both hot and cold drinks, without fear of toxic chemical infusion. With their smooth and shiny finish, our bamboo straws are safe for people of all ages.

We are committed to creating a zero-waste product, and only collect bamboo twigs that can be used to make straws. The ability for bamboo to regrow in four months after being harvested makes this a fantastic natural, long-term resource.

Promoting the idea of protecting the environment by changing daily habits, Halo Bamboo is grateful to help you reduce your use of plastic and protect the Earth.