Bamboo is unlike other cultivated trees, it does not require fertilizer, fungicides or pesticides to grow. It is produced wild and is hand harvested when the shoots reach just the right size. Our artisans take responsibility for collecting the standard stalks, cutting, shaping, polishing, and making the straws.

The whole production phase is chemical-free. It’s entirely natural as all straws are disinfected completely and protected from pests by a sophisticated process of boiling, steaming and sun-drying prior to packing. Our commitment to safeguarding your health and the planet is demonstrated through our International Food Contact Testing  Certification.

Our Halo Bamboo drinking straws are also biodegradable by nature. When natural signs of wear and tear begin to show the straws may be thrown in the garden for composting. They will typically decompose within 4 – 6 months providing nutritional humus for the soil and your plants. This means that your drinking straw will actually be helping, rather than hurting, the planet.

When you use a Halo Bamboo straw, it means that you minimising your impact on the planet and are actively contributing to the protection of our living-environment