The story of Halo Bamboo’s founder

Nhung Cao, the founder of Halo Bamboo, is a Vietnamese girl who was born and raised in a small village in Thanh Hoa province, North Central Coast region of Vietnam.

Like many other children in poor rural areas, she grew up with the familiar images of bamboo trees surrounding much of her village, including cottages, soil roads and ponds.

Many daily objects and stories from Nhung’s childhood are associated with bamboo, including bamboo beds, cradles, chopsticks and baskets.

The use of bamboo is imbedded in Vietnamese history and culture. The Thanh Hoa province is one of the most well-known places for bamboo raw material to grow in Vietnam.

Bamboo – a symbol of national spirit and a hero in the Vietnam wars

In Vietnam, bamboo is widely regarded as the representative of the national spirit.

Sustainable, straight, and strong, bamboo embodies a pride and fearlessness that mirrors the strength of the Vietnamese people. With strong vitality that can withstand harsh conditions, even the strongest storms, is reflected by the undauntable spirit of the Vietnamese.

Bamboo grows in clusters, representing the solidarity of Vietnamese people in fighting back their enemies.

Not only is bamboo the symbol of national spirit, but also the hero in the Vietnam Wars and throughout Vietnam’s thousands-year history.

In the hands of ingenious and creative Vietnamese people, bamboo became razor-sharp spears and traps, tunnel gates, bridges, and boats.

Bamboo forests are a sturdy fortresses shielding Vietnamese people and their homes from arrows, bullets, and even bombs.

Bamboo in the daily life of Vietnamese people

Not only supporting Vietnamese people through the hardest times, bamboo is also used in everyday life.

When you visit Vietnamese villages, you will easily find bamboo bridges built across canals and streams. Meanwhile, bamboo is also a trustable friend with farmers since bamboo shovels, hoes, or plows are the essential tools.

Moreover, bamboo stalks are also a type of robust material to build and decorate houses. They are especially suitable for tropical climates, resistant to rot and mould, and can survive strong winds. The architectural structures built from bamboo have amazed the world with their environment-friendly and high-aesthetic properties.

Bamboo can also be crafted into household equipment such as tables, chairs, mattresses, bookshelves, baskets, chopsticks and toothpicks. It has helped many people earn their living and brings about thousands of dollars each year for the national economy.

The aching issues of modern life

When it comes to the huge issues of modern life such as waste, environmental pollution, climate change, and the unprecedented level of disposable plastic waste in the environment, bamboo is a savior.

Bamboo, along with its sustainability, biodegradability and reusability, produces 35% more oxygen than other plants.

Bamboo straws are superior to plastic straws in all aspects, from cost to eco-friendliness. Isn’t it great we can save our environment from tremendous amounts of plastic garbage waste, whilst spending less money?

Final Words

Halo Bamboo wants to use the outstanding advantages of abundantly available bamboo material to work with and support local artisans.

While a bamboo straw is a marvelous and meaningful product in itself, the fact that Halo Bamboo gives poor artisans a more stable income is an even more wonderful.

Halo Bamboo’s passion and dream is to deliver high-quality and handmade Vietnamese products to the world. Not only is this showcasing the pride of Vietnam, but is a practical way for people all over the world to join hands to protect our planet and make our Earth a better living environment.

Together we make Mother Earth happy again!