You know about the adverse effects of single-use plastic in our environment. Now, it’s time you heard about Halo Bamboo straws. Our reusable bamboo straws are the perfect alternative to plastic in your everyday life.

Halo Bamboo straws are a natural product that you can use daily without the fear of rot or mould. Made from the most durable and sustainable plant in the world, our bamboo drinking straws can be used for years if cared for appropriately.

Instead of throwing the straw away after a single-use, you can easily clean the straws and reuse later. Just rinse them with water and put them in a dish-washer, or hand-wash using the supplied cleaning brush then store in a dry place. Every month, you should boil the straws with a vinegar water mix to disinfect.

As bamboo is a natural material, it won’t last forever. When it is time to get a new straw, you could use the old one to prop up your plants, in a crafty project, or throw it into your compost to biodegrade.

Halo Bamboo straws are the zero-waste essential for people looking to make a change for the sake of our environment.